The Philippines has experienced various calamities and disasters last year. It is easy to forget those moments, but not their aftermath that destroyed several houses, properties and claimed many lives. Assistance from different parts of the country and the world in various forms poured in a couple of months after the Yolanda (Haiyan) typhoon struck the Visayas region on November 8, 2013. Its victims are still struggling to move forward in life, yet not losing hope in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through our brethren.
            The 150 families who were temporarily housed at the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Center in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila were sent back home in Tacloban, Leyte on January this year to start a new life. 
          Erlinda Gonzales and her family are from Guian, Eastern Samar. They have lost their properties and livelihood, but God kept them safe. The Lord made a way for the food  supply to reach them after the disaster. Their makeshift roof, which was only made of canvas, kept them from getting wet. But the promised help to rebuild the houses did not come during the last two months. Later, they have received metal sheets and repair kit to complete the    damaged roof. 
           “I thank the Lord. Truly, the Lord is alive through you. You are a vessel of a  blessing! Thank you so much. I praise the Lord!”, Erlinda said. 
          “Thank you for the great help you gave to my mother in Ormoc City. She is very happy. She always thank God when she wakes up in the morning because she can now sleep peacefully and comfortably. May the Lord God richly bless you now and forever, Amen!”, said Susan Salbalion, whose family in Leyte was also helped in repairing their house.  
          Typhoon Yolanda also made landfall in Estancia, Iloilo badly affecting communities and destroying fishing boats. There was also power outage, unavailability of potable water supply, and more people are getting sick. On March 31, a 2-day medical-dental-ophtha outreach was held in partnership with Compassion in Action and Military Christian Fellowship– Philippines, Inc. The outreach team has served more than 500 cases and shared the Gospel to the people in the area. They were very thankful that an outreach team had arrived and extended help to them. 
          Back in Manila, five ‘Yolanda’ patients were still under medical treatment at the Philippine Orthopedic Medical Center. PHCF took the opportunity of alleviate their sufferings from their daily hospital expenses (food and adult diaper) provisions on April 14. 
          Experts say that it would take more than five years for the calamity-stricken area to rebuild their communities. You can be a channel of blessing. Give help through your praying, giving and volunteering with PHCF letting the victims know that Jesus Christ is alive! 
          However, through these tragic events, God is still at work. He is longing for them to come to know Him and for His children to be used by Him in bringing the message of Hope to those in need, through our Lord Jesus Christ. Glory to God!