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2A 5-Storey facility serving as the venue for PHCF'S office, seminar/training and other related function for Filipinos and other nationalities.

"Hebron" opened in 2002 as an affirmation of God's goodness and faithfulness to PHCF.

It is one of the two global Training Centers of HCFI (Healthcare Christian Fellowship International) strategically located in the heart of Metro Manila. A supermarket, schools, banks and some famous fast-food chains can be found surrounding Hebron.

More About The Hebron Training Center...


Training Room

  • Located at the 4th floor
  • Suitable for small group conferences, gatherings, lectures, seminars, and workshops
  • Can accommodate a maximum of 50 persons seated
  • Can accommodate a maximum of 15 persons with individual tables
  • With pantry corner and restrooms
  • Equipped with a sound system, acoustic guitars, electronic musical keyboard, LCD projector, 50-inch LED TV monitor
  • Air-conditioned


  • Located inside the Training Room with a wide variety of Christian books, teaching video/audio materials, and other resources
  • Members may access and borrow books from the Library


  • Students, participants and members have the option to stay in among the three (3) dorm rooms. Transient members are welcome to use the rooms.
  • Each room is air-conditioned and furnished with single size beds with linens, bedside table, study lamps, small table for personal study, closets, toilet and bathroom.
  • Subject to availability. Please contact our office for reservations and further inquiries.
    • - maximum of 2 persons
    • - maximum of 4 persons
    • - maximum of 4 persons

Mezzanine Hall

  • A covered spacious roof deck suitable for private functions
  • Can accommodate 50-60 persons seated
  • With kitchen, laundry area and toilet
  • Offers a relaxing view of the cityscape of the northern side of Metropolitan Manila and the mountainous peaks of Antipolo, Rizal

Mezzanine Hall

  • Located at the 2nd floor
  • Meet some of our staff working with their talents and gifts for the advancement of God’s Kingdom
  • The Healthcare Christian Fellowship International also takes office in Hebron as the operations hub of Asia Pacific region


  • Day Trainings

    Number of hours/day: 7 (seven)

    Minimum number of participants: 6 (six)

  • Package Trainings

    Number of hours/day: 7 (seven)

    Minimum number of participants: 6 (six)

  • Residential Courses (HCF International)

  • Health Field Discipleship Course (14 weeks)

    Number of hours/day: 7 (seven)

    Minimum number of participants: 8 (eight)

  • Advanced Leadership Course (8 weeks)

    Number of hours/day: 7 (seven)

    Minimum number of participants: 8 (eight)

  • Requirements

    It is strongly recommended that participants attend the whole period.

    As courses are conducted in English, participants must have a good understanding of the language, as well as being able to read and write in English.

  • Eligibility

    • Discipleship Courses welcomes all who care for the sick who wish to be equipped to serve the Lord more effectively in their working place; those who wish to serve as Associate or Full-time Staff with HCF nationally, regionally or internationally. Also, those who may have been serving in HCF, but did not have the opportunity for training earlier, or would like a refresher course.
    • Non-health field staff who are concerned for reaching out to the sick, or serve those who care for the sick, are also eligible. Single topics may be followed depending on availability of accommodation.
  • Note: Advance Leadership Courses (Sections 5&6) are offered every 3 years only. Contact PHCF office for details.


  • Healthcare Institutions

    The objective of this program is to motivate and equip health field staff to care for the spiritual, emotional and psychological needs of their colleagues and patients. To achieve this, PHCF provides in-service training/seminars geared towards its objective.

  • Church

    Church program trains and mobilizes local church member and healthcare workers through seminars, workshops or training such as Hospital Visitation, Snare of Offense, Effects of Emotions on Health, Biblical Healing, Care of the Dying and Interpersonal Relationships

  • Campus

    This program seeks to enthuse and prepare future healthcare workers and leaders to reach out and demonstrate God's love to their patients and colleagues.

    We are accomplishing this through health field related group and individual Bible studies; seminars-workshops on topics such as Love, Courtship and Sex; Why Am I like This?; Care of the Dying; Total Patient Care; Serving God in the Healthfield; Interpersonal Relationships and other related topics..

  • CHeM

    Community Health Ministries (CHeM) is a program in collaboration with the local churches in reaching out the community through health education.

  • Local/International Training and Conference

    Local/International Training and Conference seeks to inspire, disciple and equip Healthcare workers to promote and practice Biblical Christian healthcare world-wide. This is done through training for both local and international participants to prepare them for various ministries.

  • Medical Outreach

    Medical Outreach program strives to equip and develop the knowledge/skills of volunteers to minister spiritually through seminars such as trauma Debriefing, Stress Management, Debriefing and Counseling.